RFID Animal Management Solution
Animal Management Solution Introduce
Through Inject RFID microchip tags on pets like dogs, cats and livestock such as cattle, sheep, pigs or wear external animal tags such as cattle ear tags, sheep ear tags, pig ear tags, pet epoxy tags,etc. to let each animal have an unique ID for identify, tracking and management.
Component Of The RFID Animal Management System
Pet Tags

1. QR code & NFC

2. Non-fading, long-lasting, NFC chip, 

3. Personalized Profile

4. Multiple shape and design

5. Scanned Notification

6. Help pets get back home when lost

RFID Microchips

1. Mini size, light weight,

2. injection/ implant, lifetime ID 

3. Bio-glass material



6. 125KHz/ 134.2KHz / 13.56MHz

7. non-immigrant coating

Ear Tags / Others

1. easy fix and remove

2. inspection from breeding to slaughtering,

3. Conducive to animal disease control

4. Conducive to safe production

5. Improve farm management

6. Facilitate national safety supervision of livestock products

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What Can RFID Do In Animal Management?
What Are The Different Material Styles For Animal Tags?
NFC Pet Tag
Most pet tags have NFC built-in. This tag can contain most of the necessary information about the owner and the pet. It is normally have both QR code and NFC for people to review the information through scan QR code or tap the tag with NFC. And to help pets get home when lost.
Choose The Micorchip Tag Size
Size 1.25*7mm Suitable for birds, little cats, mice, tortoises, etc.
Size 1.47*8mm Suitable for fish, dogs, cats, rabbits etc.
Size 2.12*12mm Suitable for pigs, sheep, cattle, horse etc.
Advantages of using UHF cattle ear tag
It offers another form of identification for each animal. The ear tag will normally have a unique barcode or numbers print on the surface for visual. The unique ID number will be program to the UHF chip as well to guarantee each tag is readable in anyway.          Reading and gathering the tag info instead of manually writing down an ear tag number, offers tremendous time-saving benefits while minimizing errors.
Component of cattle UHF management system
Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) cattle ear tags, Provide the most accurate, fast reading speed, reliable livestock tracking. No need to stop the cattle while reading.
UHF cattle ear tags
With the component usage of desk top reader, handheld reader and fixed reader to achieve full process reading and writing requirement. Accurate data program and collecting. Counting, Catching strays, and collecting all individual animal information in real-time.
UHF Reader
Recording from breeding to sale, digital operation and traceability of the ranch. Timely and accurate statistics of cattle data, providing timely treatment for sick cattle or early warning sings of potential sickness.
APP / Software
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