RFID Garment Management Solution
The smart garment retail solution, integrating RFID, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, and run through almost all links such as raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, stocktaking, distribution, sales, return processing, etc., to achieve accurate management of the whole life cycle of goods, explore more opportunities for enterprises, and then to improve the profits.
Component Of The RFID Garment Management System
Hotel Linen Tags

1. Encoding available

2. Dimension customized

3. High temperature resistance

4. Logo/QR Code/Serials number printing customized

5. A variety of materials are suitable for different scenarios

Clothes Tags

1. Encoding available;

2. Reduce labor costs;

3. Unique identifier for each tag;

4. Multiple tags can be read in groups in a short time;

5. Effectively improve inventory and delivery efficiency.


1. Easy to use/operate;

2. NFC/UHF Durable;

3. Waterproof, high performance;

4. Handheld is more convenient/portable;

5. QR code, barcode, signal can be read in various forms.

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What Can RFID Do In Garment Management?
What Are The Different Material Styles For Garment Tags?
RFID Fabric Laundry Tag
The tags can be washed in high-temperature environments, label material is comfortable and soft, printing and writing data can be customized according to your needs, we can also be provided for you customized anti- gamma rays for industrial washing.
PPS / Silicone
Hard and soft materials are available, the garment tag has high quality and high performance, tags of different sizes and shapes can be customized, it can be applied to clothing security management store anti-theft, can also be applied to apparel inventory tracking management.
Paper Clothing Tag
PVC / Paper / PET / PP and other materials to choose from, customize print and write data services to your needs, the tags supports pattern customization and unique QR codes, support long-distance fast reading, applied to retail apparel management.
Benefits of Adopting RFID for Garment Management
RFID will provide retailers with a unique ID. Provide effective protection for counterfeit items when product returns, exchanges and customer complaints. It can identify whether the returned sales items are the same instead of fake ones, which helps prevent losses..
With the help of RFID, inventory counts and tracking can be carried out faster, more frequently, and more accurately, thereby greatly reducing stock-outs and increasing revenue and gross margins.
Inventory Tracking
RFID tags can help retailers track customers’ shopping behaviors to determine the reasons for poor product sales. For example, if the RFID data indicates that the item has been brought to the fitting room but has not been converted into a sale item, the problem may lie in the fitting room..
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