RFID Health Care Management Solution
From pharmacies to hospitals, RFID can help itemize and sort stock to ensure quality and optimize inventory management. Simplify the health care inventory management and tracking in clinics, care facilities, labs etc. The multi application of RFID labels, wristbands, readers and various RFID tags improve patient care and safety of inventory by identified medical devices, improve accuracy, and help manage costs, as well as brand protection to prevent pharmaceutical brand counterfeiting.
Component Of The RFID Health Care Management System
Health Care Wristbands

1. Patient identification;

2. Drugs & Treatment;

3. Specimen management;

4. Meal Distribution;

5. Payment & Billing;

6. Authenticate sterilization processes;

Tube / Medicine Labels

1. Pharmaceutical and drug management;

2. Anti-liquidl

3. anti-collision, Group readingl

4. Efficient inventory management;

5. prevent pharmaceutical brand counterfeiting;

Hospital Garment RFID Tags

1. Anti Gamma design for working surrounding with MRI in hospital;

2. industry laundry for 200+ times;

3. Laundry and uniform management;

4. High temperature resistant;

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How Does RFID Work In Health Care Management?
What Can RFID Do In Health Care?
RFID wristband for patient tracking and history records

When patient check hospital they will get a wristband that embedded with RFID chip. Through RFID, the hospital keeps track of the patient. The wristband carries all relevant data such as name, medical record, allergies etc.

When a patient has been admitted for a long-time, RFID can helps the doctor know if the patient is allergic to any medicines. The historical record of the patient also assists in surgery by providing crucial information.

Test tube RFID label demand is getting larger
For automatic identification, tracking, and monitoring of blood products is in great demand by the healthcare industry. A robust performance to meet security and traceability requirements in the different blood sample collection and analysis centers is also required
What UHF linen laundry tag helps

The usage of UHF laundry tag system allows the textile supplier and customer to know exactly how many textiles are in circulation, the units processed per day, their precise  location, how long they last and why, increase efficiency, reduce losses and increase profitability during the industrial processes, realize the information transparency for all parties.

Why Embed RFID Intextile?
The reader transmits and sorts the textile information automatically to avoid mixes.The records of textile tracking information allow us to know in which process the textile loss. Knows the quantity of textile according to real-time system information.
Increase efficiency
Increase handover efficiency. The reader will count textile automatically(100 rooms’ in 2 minutes). Knows the lifetime of different textile and make the suitable purchasing plan in advance.
Make reasonable purchasing plan
Automatically collect all information by reader, avoid manually counting mistake. Clear compensation responsibilities More reasonable compensation according to the washing time/ lifetime of the textile, avoid unnecessary dispute and communication.
Evidence of all processes
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