RFID Inventory Management Solution
One emerging technology that has received a lot of attention with the potential to revolutionize the inventory management industry is radio-frequency identification (RFID). RFID inventory management systems can be a great way to improve the accuracy, efficiency, inventory visibility to confirm authenticity.
Component Of The RFID Inventory Management System
Anti-counterfeiting Stickers

1.A unique serial number to each item

2.Hold more authenticity information about the product 

3.Reduce the number of imitation products on the market.

4.Maintain a positive brand image

5.Reduce the loss of brands and consumers

6.More informed stops for international shipments customs

RFID Stickers

1.A unique serial number to each item

2.RFID sticker can make Inventory control, stock security.

3.Tags can be read remotely, often at a distance of several metres

4.Several tags can be read at once


1.A unique serial number to each item

2.Tracking multiple assets at any one time

3.Locating lost or misplaced assets

4.Improving asset visibility

5.Maximising accuracy of inventory

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How Does RFID Work In Inventory Management?
The Can RFID Do In Inventory Management?
Anti-Counterfeiting Stickers
As consumerism in grows, there is also an accompanied rise in the movement of counterfeit goods in the market. RFID anti counterfeit labels can protect high value goods,ZD offer a wide range of tamper-evident and anti counterfeit labels.
RFID Stickers
RFID inventory sticker for inventory check-in, counting, and shipment verification can be done very quickly and automatically in a few scans without the need for multiple employees to process them.

RFID asset stickers is a cost-effective way to track and manage your assets, from laptops to construction tools, the challenge is not just how to keep track of their whereabouts but also to ensure they are regularly inspected and maintained and, from time to time, audited for accounting purposes.

Benefits of Adopting RFID for Inventoy Management
Inventory check-in, counting, and shipment verification can be done very quickly and automatically in a few scans without the need for multiple employees to process them. This can help to reduce labor costs and free up employees to focus on other tasks.
Reduced labor costs
RFID solutions can provide real-time updates on inventory levels, which is essential for effective decision-making, order fulfillment, and customer experiences. This can also help to reduce shrinkage, as tags can be used to track individual items and identify when and where they were last seen.
Real-Time Updates
RFID tags come in various sizes (sometimes as small as a grain of rice), have greater storage capacity, and do not require direct line-of-sight for access. The absence of size and line-of-sight limitations allow RFID tags to embed virtually into any product for flexible labelling down to the item level.
Manage special size products
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