RFID in Health Care 2022
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RFID in Health Care 2022

In the health-care field, hospitals and other medical facilities are employing RFID and IoT technologies to improve patient safety, increase asset utilization with real-time tracking, boost revenue with automated billing and reduce the incidence of medical errors using track-and-match applications. As of fall 2020, more than 60 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide. During this virtual event, learn how RFID and the Internet of Things are identifying and tracking COVID-19 outbreaks, enabling social distancing in the health-care environment, as well as the monitoring of vaccine distribution and improvements in efficiency.

Clinic Leverages RFID to Manage Specimens
A fertility clinic is leveraging a robotic system with RFID technology to ensure automated and error-free specimen management. The company is using a cryo-management solution that consists of a fully automated specimen-management platform which identifies, tracks and manages frozen eggs and embryos as it stores them at each site. In addition to being able to reassure patients that their specimens are being watched over via technology in real time, the company can oversee operations at all of its labs that employ the technology. Learn how the system enables the firm to gain a real-time view into each specimen’s identity and conditions as it is managed for patients.

Compounder Adds RFID to Pharma Products Destined for Hospitals
A pharmaceutical compounding company is building radio frequency identification technology into some of its single-use drugs for use by its healthcare provider customers. By building the UHF RFID tags into its labels for select products at its manufacturing site, the company can better serve customers that seek a more automated solution for pharmaceutical inventory management. Learn how the firm is using RFID to achieve greater accuracy in managing inventory, identifying expiration dates and improving inventory for their healthcare customers.

 Internet of Things Automates Workplace Social Distancing, Contact Tracing
Creating a safe workplace for employees is vital, and it’s driving the need to automate approaches for managing social distancing and conducting contact tracing. The use of IoT and related technologies can streamline the process of managing these protocols, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local requirements regarding workplace exposure to the coronavirus. Learn how the technology provides a digital trail of a worker’s whereabouts and historical interactions onsite, thereby making it possible to rapidly respond to outbreaks and activate isolation procedures.

Automating Operations in the ER With RFID
A 500-bed acute-care hospital has implemented an RFID-enabled solution to automatically track patients in its emergency department. The system visualizes patient flow by automatically identifying the location and status of each patient and all equipment without requiring manual updates by the ER staff. In this session, hear how the implementation of automatic patient tracking has improved workflow visibility and automation for the busy emergency department. Learn how the hospital integrated additional patient and order status information, thus creating a centralized workflow communication and management portal for the ER and transforming the department’s efficiency.

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