RFID Social Media Sharing Solution
Do you ever feel like you don't quite belong? You're not part of a particular community, and every time you go somewhere new, it's like starting from scratch. You don't have anyone to talk to or hang out with. We get it—we've been there, too. That's why we created RFID NFC tag. NFC tag is a social media sharing solution that makes it easy for you to connect with others. It works by tapping your NFC tag to someone’s Smartphone, which then allows you to share your social media profiles with others. We know that traveling can be isolating at times—and we want to help people feel connected wherever they go.
Component Of The RFID Social Media Sharing System
NFC Card

1.Printable by youself

2.Double-sided custom printed, bright colors, can do a variety of crafts

3.CR80 Standard size, can be placed in a wallet or card case, easy to carry

4.As a personal identification card

NFC Tags

1.Small and exquisite

2.Custom printed

3.With adhesive that can be pasted anywhere

4.Can be punched a hole, with key ring

NFC Wristbands

1.Comfortable to wear with variety types of wristbands

2.Adjustable sizes for differnt age

3.Worn on the wrist, not easy to lose

4.Custom printed and Waterproof

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How Does RFID Work In Social Media Sharing Management?
NFC Social Media Sharing Application
In daily life, people will often participate in various events, such as concerts, parties, clubs, sports, etc., and will meet many people who do not know each other. At this time, if you meet like-minded people or your idol, with NFC Tag, you can connect with them at events and share your social media profiles with each other in a single tap. You can find out what they're interested in, what they're working on, and even where they're from—all without having to awkwardly force conversation!
When you have a good talk with your partners at the negotiating table, or meet your long-awaited potential customers at the exhibition, it is very important to quickly establish contact with each other through NFC tags without cumbersome operations.

NFC tags solve the problem of traditional leaflet promotion. You only need to program the URL  of the page you want to promote into the NFC tag, and people can read your promotional information by tapping the tag with their mobile phone. The promotional tag can also be given to guests as an additional gift.

Benefits of Adopting RFID for Social Media Shring Management
You know what it's like when you meet someone and immediately feel a connection? It's like you've known each other for years. That's how we want people to feel when they connect with others through NFC Tags, which is by tapping the NFC Tag to know each other more quickly.
Quickly and Easily
You don't need any fancy technical skills or expensive equipment to use NFC Tag. All you need is a Smartphone with NFC function.
With just one tap on your NFC Tag, you can share who you are with anyone who wants to know! And if people don't want to connect with you after seeing your profiles, they don't have to, it's totally up to them.
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