RFID Warehouse Management Solution
As the IoT concept further developed along with other technologies in 21 century, it’s no longer just a concept and has been applied widely in commercial applications for decades now. Retail giants like Walmart, Fast-Fashion brands like Nike, Zara, Uniqlo, and international express delivery service provider - UPS, raced to deploy RFID technology into their current daily operations and ERP system to manage their warehouses and supply chain hence to have better understanding and control of their business. Not only these famous multinational organizations are adopting RFID systems, but more and more local small enterprises are implementing RFID solutions into their business.
Component Of The RFID Warehouse Management System
RFID Labels / Stickers

1.Group reading in few seconds

2.Contactless detection, obvious physical presence no more needed

3.Small in size, attachable within the items

4.Battery free tag (Passive) with lower cost

Anti-metal RFID Label

1.Applicable on Flat and Curve metal surface

2.Robust format - high temperature resistant, waterproof

3.Long range on metal detection

4.Custom Logo available

Reader And Printer

1.Simple and Easy Multi connections 

2.Enormous data collection/transmission

3.Easy to build internal network/system

4.Easy to encode RFID labels - EPC/USER area

5.Offer prompt on-site printing

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How Does RFID Work In Warehouse Management?
RFID Housewares Management Sharing Application
Assemble site
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology helps in the identification and recording of individual components and products, and to tack them throughout the verticals from the material stock-in, to the production and to point-of-sales. Assemble sites like automobile found the RFID system are very helpful in monitoring hundreds and thousands of parts and tools involve in single production line to construct a particular model of the automobile. They have used RFID to track parts and materials as they move through every production processes, so they can validate when the correct items have reached each stage. Further distribute correct quantity to their point-of-sales and keep maintain maintenance and safety records in the after-sales service.  
Fashion retail
Omni channel retail: As more customers shifting their purchase from in-store to online, many fashion brands find themselves facing changeling situation to handle large online orders for the shipping and returning request, while they also need to ensure offline stores have sufficient inventory to offer satisfied customers shopping service. RFID warehouse solution make them handle this challenge situation efficiently. At the meantime, RFID technology also help to gain the insight of customer’s shopping preference and reduce unwanted inventory level.
Smart warehouse

International logistic service provider like DHL and UPS, facing lot of different batches parcels from different locations coming into their distribution centers located in different continents every days. All the parcels required to be sort accurately and send to the correct next distribution points with ultimate urgency. The Bar code and QR code systems are difficult to catch up the enormous shipments increasing day by day. Compare to 1D/ 2D scan system, RFID system offer contactless and multi read advantages, it’s able work along with AGV  to bulid smart warehouse that provide higher cargo handing capacity that traditional warehouse cannot beat it’s handling speed and accuracy.

Benefits of Adopting RFID for Warehouse Management
When the RFID system is deployed in the warehouse, the RFID antenna or the gate readers installed in the doorway will automatically pick up all the stock- in and stock-out data without human interfere and doesn’t even need to pause for the antenna to count them all. A warehouse with 5,000,000+ SKU could be scanned and recorded in 1 hour by the proper RFID system implemented.
Rapid stock count
When it comes to stock count, it required warehouse staffs to do this time consuming process one by one and miscount are always happen, even crosscheck won’t guarantee 100% stock accuracy at all times. With the RFID system, it allow the antenna to count the monitor the stock all the time and assure 99.9% stock accuracy in your warehouse.
Eliminate human error
RFID system enable accurate real-time inventory visibility, asset tracking, therefore it allow warehouse center to prevents stock surplus or shortage of the material, improve stock security with RFID system’s track and trace abilities. Thus RFID warehouse solution helps organizations to fully utilize the current stock and reduce chances of over-stocking or under-stocking and reduce storage cost, improve the business operation by enhancing the productivity.
Optimum resources and business operation
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